Then you’re the type of person who can benefit from coaching.  Because … it can get lonely on your way to the top.  A great coach can help you get there faster — with support, guidance, and a new perspective.

Here are My 3 Most In-Demand Coaching Services:

1. Speak and Get Results! – Individual and Group Coaching

For sales and service professionals, financial advisors, chiropractors, attorneys, and executives ..

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re speaking, you’re selling.

If you want to “sell” your next audience — to buy your services or simply buy into your ideas — this program is for you.

With my coaching, you will discover:

  • How to get more leads in one hour than most people get in 30 days

  • How to sell your services — without being pushy!

  • Secrets that turn dry, technical material into compelling presentations

  • How to connect with audiences on an emotional level — and win them over

  • 3 costly mistakes that trip up most speakers (and how to avoid them)

Delivering presentations that inspire people to take action is a highly profitable – and learnable — skill. With my coaching, you really can have the confidence, charisma, and selling power you want.

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2. Fire Your Fear – Individual Coaching 

For professional service providers and sales people who want to create a richer future …

What’s holding you back?

The answer may be, fear.

Without realizing it, fear may be guiding your choices — and sabotaging your success.

Fear of failure … rejection … the unknown.

When you “fire your fear,” you can get control — and create the professional and personal life you really  want.

With me at your side, you can:

  • Break out of your comfort zone and get what you really want

  • Increase your client base — and your income

  • Silence the little voice that says,  “You’re not good enough

  • Trust in your ability to handle anything life throws your way

  • Improve your relationships, at work and at home

Clients have included: financial advisors, chiropractors, attorneys, salespeople, CPAs, real estate agents — successful people who want a richer future.

 New “Fire Your Fear” Coaching Spots are not available at this time. Please contact me today to be put on a waiting list.

3. Get Clients Now – Group Coaching

For small business owners and sales/service professionals …

Want more clients?

More revenues?

To be more efficient with your time?

You may be just 28 days away from the breakthrough you need, with my “Get Clients Now” Coaching.

In this fast-paced, 6-week program, you will learn:

  • What to do first thing Monday morning

  • The perfect marketing tools for your service business — and your personality

  • How to overcome the fear, resistance, and procrastination that are holding you back

  • Shortcuts creating a low-cost, high-profit Action Plan that gets results

  • Ongoing accountability to help you reach your goals – and get more clients

If you’re serious about growing your business, this proven system can help you get more new clients next month than you ever thought possible.

Please contact me today for the next Get Clients Now! class schedule.

Your 100% Guarantee

If you’re not absolutely delighted with the results you get from my coaching, just let me know.  I’ll make things right, or offer you a refund.

Why do I offer a guarantee?

It’s simple: Repeat and referral business are the lifeblood of my business.

That means I must deliver results for you … so you stay with me as a client … and refer your friends and colleagues.

If you do your part and my best coaching efforts don’t pay off for you, then I don’t deserve to get paid. Because I have no unhappy clients and I won’t start with you.

Does that sound fair?

If so, let’s talk about how I can help you get to the next level — risk-free.


What’s The Next Step?

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