“Deirdre was a wonderful keynote speaker.”

“People were still talking about you the next day!”

“Our clients and their guests were very motivated, inspired and took notes.”

You’ll find my most popular speaking topics below.


1. “How to Get More Warm Leads in One Hour Than Most Business Owners Get in One Month”

How would you like to forever answer the question, “Where is my next client going to come from?”  Well Guess what, you can! When used effectively Public Speaking is the most powerful and consistent lead generating tool you can use to grow your business and grow it quickly.

In this presentation your audience will learn:

● Why you may be stepping over thousands of dollars each month if you’re not using speaking or not using it effectively to grow your business.

● How one entrepreneur doubled her practice from giving a 60 min talk.

●The biggest “sales killing” mistake most presenters make and how not to make that mistake when you speak.

● The mindset you must have to consistently make offers from the stage.

● The secret to creating presentations that don’t feel or sound like one part education, one part sales pitch.


2. “Fire Your Fear: Get Rid of Fear and Grow Your Business”

What’s holding your team back? The answer may be, fear.

When you “fire your fear,” you can get control — and create the professional and personal life you really want.

In this one-hour, interactive presentation, your audience will discover:

  • Why how you think can build (or wreck) your business faster than what you do

  • How fear and self-doubt may be sabotaging your success

  • The action plan that propels you out of the comfort zone — and into the “success zone”

  • The simple tool to boost self-confidence and performance


3. “Fire Your Fear: Get Rid of Excuses and Grow Your Business”

Excuses, excuses.

It’s easy to blame poor results on the economy … other people … not enough time or not enough money. But where does that lead you? Nowhere.

In this one-hour, interactive presentation, your audience will discover:

  • Why it’s so easy to buy into excuses that sap our energy and creativity

  • How to identify the worst excuses and avoid them (like poison ivy)

  • The simple tool that eliminates excuses and builds the business you want

Note: Both “Fire Your Fear” talks can be combined into a single, two-hour presentation!


4. “Tell It to Sell It”

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea storytelling, when used effectively, can dramatically boost sales. In this interactive presentation your audience will learn:

  • How to use the most persuasive storytelling formula for sales.

  • The storytelling secret that will enable them to relate to and connect with prospects and clients who are different from them.

  • The biggest sales killing mistake most people make when telling stories.

5. “How to Command the Attention of any Room from the First Words Out of Your Mouth”

People decide in the first 5-30 seconds if you’re worth listening to. Because of that the way you open is critical to creating a dynamic rapport with your audience. In this presentation your audience will discover:

  • The fail proof formula for immediately grabbing the audiences attention.

  • How to get people hanging on every word and be excited about what you’re going to say next.

  • How to ensure people are not thinking about what’s for dinner or secretly texting under the table during your talk.

6. “Get Clients Now!”

If you want more clients faster, this one-hour, interactive presentation is for you

Your audience of salespeople or service professionals will walk away with:

  • The most-effective ways to market a service business

  • How to overcome the fear, resistance, and procrastination that hold you back

  • The written goal they plan to achieve in the next 28 days, and

  • An Action Plan to reach that goal


What’s The Next Step?

To learn more about these presentation topics — and to get your Free copy of my new book, Fire Your Fear: How to Grow Your Business by Changing the Way You Think — please contact me today and mention code word: “Speaking.”



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